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Dr Gayan Ekanayake is a Plastic and Reconstructive  Surgeon from Sri Lanka.

Graduated from Peradeniya University,  he is trained in general plastic surgery and burns.

His main interest is Craniofacial surgery and was a fellow in Craniofacial Surgery at The Royal Children’s Hospital , Melbourne, Australia.

He received additional training as a fellow in hand and microsurgery at Ganga Hospital India.

He has also worked as a fellow at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and the Victorian Adult burn Service.

Craniofacial Surgery



Craniosynostosis refers to the early (premature) fusion of the sutures of the bones of the skull.  Premature fusing of the sutures deforms the skull shape. This is due to changes of the normal growth directions of the skull bones. Additionally the pressure inside the cranial cavity can get elevated in severe synostosis. There is clinical evidence that some cases can progress to vision impairment. significant intellectual development problems are seen in some non corrected children with craniosynostosis.  In addition, abnormal head shape is associated with low self-esteem and behavioral problems.  Correction of these deformities can relieve cranial pressure and in the long-term, improve the child's self-esteem.

There are several types of craniosynostosis described according to the affected suture or sutures.

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